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Can e-cigarettes help me quit smoking?

Can e-cigarettes help me quit smoking?

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  • Many well known e cigarette brand claims that their e cigarette can help smokers to quit smoking, but the real fact is that E-cigarettes are not approved to be marketed as nicotine cessation products like any other quit smoking devices on the market.
  • But rather it does not mean that e cigarette can not protect smokers from the wild effects of smoking. Many research and smokers personal experience with e cigarette strongly indicates that e-cigarettes worked at least as well as the nicotine patch for nicotine replacement therapy.
  • If one smokers will is strong enough, then e cigarette definitely going to work much better than any other quit smoking devices. For any smoker, quitting smoking from just the next day is next to impossible because their body is going to ask for the tobacco alkaloids, arsenic, ammonia and hydrogen cyanide they’ve been feeding it for years.
  • SteamLite as an e cigarette brand understand this situation of smokers, so instead of just promoting e cigarette as a quit smoking device to attract customers, we explain them that, suppose one smoker started using e cigarette with high level of nicotine which is almost same as Normal cigarette, then after gradually reduce the level of nicotine as SteamLite provides e cig with nicotine level as High, Medium, low and also Nicotine free. So, just after a few weeks you can switch over nicotine free version, following this path will also not create any trouble for you and you will reach at the level where you are smoking just flavored liquid without any nicotine or tobacco.
This way e cigarette indirectly support smoker to get rid of their smoking habit.

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